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About Us

Quantum Kidz is for parents, teachers, and event planners who want to offer the young people in their charge playful opportunities that are meaningful, yet fun and memorable and will encourage them to thrive in their everyday lives along the path to future success.  

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Our history

Michael Day, the founder of Quantum Kidz, was a high school math teacher in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and then a corporate trainer teaching team building skills to adults. 

Yearning to return to his roots teaching young people, he recalled that learning always increased when he let students have something in their hands before starting a lesson.

“I would let them hold a flashlight, for example. I’d have them take it apart and look at the reflector that focused the light. And then I would teach quadratic equations, or how to manipulate curves. It was just me, a textbook, a blackboard and chalk. When the students realized I was not just teaching Xs and Ys—that there are applications to what I am teaching—their learning and retention was much better.”

Michael created Quantum Kidz so that students can learn while having fun and using their hands. 

And not with computer games, but with LEGO®.

Why LEGO®? “Because it’s the best building toy ever to grace this planet!” says Michael. “It inspires imagination and creativity—it is engineering in its rawest form. Kids take inanimate plastic bricks and build fabulous creations and artwork, people and animals, cities and imaginary places, all from something that was said in the lesson that they are taught at the beginning of the Workshop, Club or Camp session.”


Image by Ryan Quintal

Solution for a growing concern

The problem for some young boys and girls in many cases are distractions—everything from electronics and computer screens to unfocused play time and the lack of activities that would cultivate their curiosity, imagination and talents, not to mention much-needed practice in social skills, innovative skills, and critical thinking.

Quantum Kidz solves that dilemma by delivering hands-on play in a safe social environment where children can immerse themselves, away from screens, while learning STEAM concepts that will better prepare them to become the innovators, educators, leaders and life-long learners who will be solving the most pressing challenges facing our 21st century world.

Image by Ryan Quintal

Why we do it

What truly excites Quantum Kidz educators is that the children learn not just the lesson itself, but the real-life soft skills such as collaborative and critical thinking, time management, resource management, listening and presentation skills, and group dynamics.

“I have been running this company since 2012,“ says Michael, “And I am still blown away at what a 7-year old can create. You should see the pride they have when they present and explain what they have built. It always makes me feel good to see their smiles!”

If you would like to know more about Quantum Kidz, we’re here to answer your questions.

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