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In Class Steam Lego® Workshops

In-Class STEAM LEGO® Workshops are seamlessly tailored to match any curriculum-based lesson plan that you are aiming to expand upon for your students—from Grade 1 to Grade 8.

Child play with children's plastic const

These fun and enriching workshops provide the students with a hands-on opportunity to strengthen their knowledge base in STEAM disciplines. In addition, they nurture the following elements of learning: 

  • Develop an appreciation for the creative process and how things work. 

  • Build self-confidence through problem solving, innovative solutions and critical thinking.   

  • Stretch thinking capabilities to higher levels with inquiry, expression and experimentation.  

  • Foster leadership skills, teamwork and presentation skills. 

  • Encourage students to tap into their unique imagination and creativity. 

Your tailored lesson plan will be designed by Mr. Michael Day, B.A., B.Ed., our Director of Learning and Development. 

Image by Ryan Quintal

“I have never seen my grade 8's as excited as when they were creating with LEGO. They made new inventions and came up with some great ideas. You made the Workshop entertaining and fun, well done!”


~ Grade 8 Teacher 

Image by Ryan Quintal

“I couldn't calm my students down after you left, they were still so excited! And what amazing imaginations...I am going to continue to build on what you taught them. Thanks for helping out and making it fun!”


~ Grade 3 Teacher 

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