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If you are a ....

  • Certified Teacher.

  • Certified Early Childhood Educator.

  • Retired, on leave or laid off educator.

  • University or college student in the educational field.

  • Teacher from abroad.

We are always looking for passionate, energetic, experienced teachers who love to teach, play and empower young creative minds in a classroom setting.

Contact us to find out how you can join our team of super teachers.



Image by Ryan Quintal

“Michael Day is more than a boss or an employer. He is a leader with a strong moral compass. His compassion, emotional intelligence, and humour instill the morale to keep going even in the toughest moments. Throughout the years I never hesitated to reach out to him for mentorship and advice. Working with Michael is more than a job, it is a lifetime experience.” 


~ LEGO® Stan

Image by Ryan Quintal

“There are no words to describe the joy I had in my position with your company. Thank you so very much for your support and kindness through the past few years. The most awesome person and teaching experience. Thank you for everything you do.”


~ LEGO® Tina

Image by Ryan Quintal

 “I grew up with an older brother who loved Lego and taught me how easy and fun it was to be creative without using instructions. Now, facilitating with Lego in an educational yet playful environment, has let me relive my childhood in many ways. Quantum Kidz has given me this opportunity to love what I do. Thank you!”


~ LEGO® Gabby