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Family Lego® Math Nights

A FAMILY LEGO® Math Night is a fun and memorable way for your school community to come together and explore essential math concepts with LEGO® building projects. 

Dad most likes to play with you. African

In this unique learn-and-play opportunity, students and their families can strengthen their math literacy by learning and practicing math concepts such as numeracy, ratios, measurement, geometric shapes, perimeter and area, patterns, spatial sense, 3-D shapes, congruence, structures and mechanisms, stability, and more. 

FAMILY LEGO® Math Nights were designed and are overseen by Michael Day, a veteran high school math teacher in the Toronto Catholic District School Board.


The math concepts covered align with the Ministry of Education Math Curriculum for primary, junior and intermediate math lessons taught in schools.

Image by Ryan Quintal

“Family Math Night engaging, super fun, collaborative, successful!”


~ St. Dorothy 

Image by Ryan Quintal

“Awesome family math night. Great turnout, good fun, motivated & captured students & parents.”


~ St. Bonaventure

Image by Greg Rosenke

“Fantastic Lego Math Night!!! Great turnout! Thx to our awesome CSPC parents for the ProGrant event and thx Shannon & Mr. Lego!”


~ St. Agatha

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