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Lego® Clubs

How can playing with LEGO® at lunchtime or after school benefit your children’s education?

Quantum Kidz STEAM LEGO® Clubs provide boys and girls an opportunity to learn nifty STEAM concepts in a playful learning environment that boosts positive peer connections, expands on their academic knowledge base and encourages meaningful connections that links a child’s creativity and ability to reason with the real world.

Image by Amélie Mourichon
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Each STEAM LEGO® Club is a series of five interrelated hands-on workshops that inspire your child to build and present to their peers a new STEAM LEGO® project that uniquely characterizes a targeted STEAM lesson.

STEAM LEGO® Clubs encourage young builders to embrace the love of learning, grow their leadership confidence and engage in collaborative teamwork to succeed in their educational pursuits towards a bright future

Image by Ryan Quintal

“It is my belief that this lunch time LEGO® Program facilitated by Quantum Kidz is a

tremendous method of teaching students while allowing them to be creative and inspired!”

~ D.R. Vice Principal  

Image by Greg Rosenke

"My children come home after each session bursting with excitement. They tell us in great detail everything that they did. It is a pleasure to see them so excited to learn new things. Thank you for providing such a fabulous program!"

~ Helen 

Image by Ryan Quintal

"You have exceeded our expectations. Thank you so very much! When are you coming back?"

 ~ Frank

Image by Ryan Quintal

"My son, Jake has been attending your Lego Club at his school every Monday at lunch time. He has loved the Lego Club and has come home after school full of great stories and enthusiasm about building his project with Lego. He has truly loved it and he wants me to sign him up for the next session. What a fabulous club – I am definitely signing him up for the next one!"


~ Karen

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