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Quantum Kidz’ fun, safe, and creative LEGO® Summer, March Break and Winter Break CAMPs have gone virtual!


Now campers ages 6-14 can join Mr. LEGO® from wherever they are, for themed educational builds that explore nifty science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) concepts in the real world. 

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Courtesy of UofT, this camp video exhibits the fun, interactive and social Virtual STEAM LEGO® Club that we offer for our young campers.

Each afternoon for one week, your child’s creativity and imagination will be transported to places such as wonders of the ocean floor, space stations, pyramids, and castles and towers, past and future innovations, money and commerce, rural life and urban development, Shakespeare plays and storytelling, and more.

All you need for your child to get started is an internet connection, a computer or notebook with camera and microphone, and your own collection of basic LEGO® pieces

Image by Ryan Quintal

“My grandsons enjoyed their 1st day of Lego camp - the theme was math and Egypt, and it was a fun adventure for them. They built pyramids (the Santa on top was silly Nana's idea), an obelisk, a sphinx, the Nile river (complete with alligator), flowering cacti, and we had a blast.”

 ~ Penny

Image by Ryan Quintal

“My daughter Emma really loved your summer Zoom Lego Camp, thanks for the extra effort that went into making it happen.” ~ Steven

Image by Ryan Quintal

“At first we were skeptical about our children enjoying summer camp on Zoom but after the first day we knew that we made the right decision. Throughout the week they jumped out of bed excited that they were going to build something new, see the other campers and have fun with Mr. LEGO.  From all of us thank you!”


~ Elizabeth

  • What does the Virtual STEAM LEGO® Club experience look like?
    On the designated day and time each week, your child will log into Zoom. We chose Zoom because it is user friendly. Mr. LEGO® welcomes the builders and then using visual aids, he teaches age-appropriate science, technology, engineering, art and math concepts that exist in the real world. After the lesson, the young builders build a structure that characterizes something that caught their interest and imagination. The Club closes with each builder sharing their builds with the group. Each builder is acknowledged for their ingenuity and creativity with a group LEGO® Clap (applause).
  • How much and what kind of LEGO® pieces do we need?
    You will need enough basic LEGO® bricks to keep your child busy for the build, generally for 1 hour 15 minutes. In addition, LEGO® plates of any size are helpful. And if you have curved/arch pieces, wheels and axles, mini figures, etc., they could be used but they are not necessary. The lessons have been created so that no special pieces are needed.
  • Do I have to be involved during the Club?
    Not at all! Our Clubs are designed to be a safe and interactive virtual experience that your child can participate in independently. We’ve noticed that many parents use the two hours as an opportunity to take time for themselves. However, if you prefer to be close by during the workshop, you are of course welcome to listen in, and even help with the build! We do ask parents to respect the sound sensitivity of Zoom and remember that ringing phones, conversations and certain household activities can be heard by all builders. Please note your young builders may need your assistance with gathering up their LEGO® pieces before start time so that everything is close at hand to build their structures. They may also need your help to log into Zoom.
  • What if I want to build with my child?
    We always encourage families to learn and play together. We just ask that parents who want to build with their children do so off screen. This allows your child to engage with their peers on-line.
  • What if all my children want to participate?
    This is perfect, absolutely! All of your children ages 6-14 are welcome in Virtual STEAM LEGO® Club. Please register all of your children in your household who will be part of the Club.
  • What if my child does not take to the online club?
    Virtual STEAM LEGO® Club is risk free. We realize that not all children enjoy the online experience. If it’s not working out for your child, notify us before the second workshop and we will refund the Club fee.
  • Where do I start?
    If you have any remaining questions about Virtual STEAM LEGO® Club, you can contact us here. Otherwise, we suggest you register as soon as you can. Enrolments are limited to 15 builders per workshop to ensure that everyone can enjoy a high quality experience. Then, once your registration is processed, you will receive an email with your Zoom ID and password. We suggest that you download the Zoom app and become familiar with the basic features prior to the first camp session.
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