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Quantum Kidz Virtual STEAM LEGO®® Club

The Quantum Kidz Virtual STEAM LEGO® Club is the online version of our popular Clubs that we have been providing in Ontario schools since 2012. 


The Clubs encourage young builders ages 6 to 14 to boldly go in the direction of their unique creativity and imagination while discovering and exploring the world of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM).

Online remote learning. School kids with

Courtesy of UofT, this camp video exhibits the fun, interactive and educational Virtual STEAM LEGO® Club that we offer for our young builders.

Now STEAM LEGO® Clubs are on line—which means your young LEGO® enthusiast can enjoy the experience and benefits of these exciting and socially-engaging workshops wherever you are.

Each Virtual STEAM LEGO® Club is a five-week series of two-hour, age-appropriate workshops presented each week. 

In each workshop, your child will be introduced to a STEAM concept and will build one of our 35 themed STEAM LEGO® projects designed to spark curiosity and interest in the various STEAM disciplines. 

Each week your child’s creativity and imagination will be transported to places such as wonders of the ocean floor, space stations, pyramids, and castles and towers, past and future innovations, money and commerce, rural life and urban development, Shakespeare plays and storytelling, and more.

Virtual STEAM LEGO® Club will give your child a hands-on opportunity to strengthen their knowledge base in STEAM disciplines while nurturing their confidence and skills in the creative process, problem solving, innovation, critical thinking, and presenting. 

All you need for your child to get started is an internet connection, a computer or notebook with camera and microphone, and your own collection of basic LEGO® pieces.

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Image by Greg Rosenke

“I spoke with other mothers whose kids attended Lego Club and they all loved it and would like to sign up their kids for another session. I hope you’d be able to organize it for us, thanks.” 

~ Agnes

Image by Ryan Quintal

“My 8-year-old daughter is doing her second session with you and I just wanted to say that she loves it! Her Lego Facilitator engages her so much with building and having fun that Lindsey comes home with a great big smile on her face. Keep up the good work!"


~ Bill

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